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IFSI hosts a convention every 4 years since 1969, in a ski resort of a country with a snowsports federation affiliated to IFSI.

Objectives: allow all IFSI members to share techniques, teaching and safety methods in snowsports. It is also an excellent means to discover and promote a region and a ski resort.

Around 250 to 300 persons participate in each congress and are as many ambassadors when returning home.

France has been chosen for the third time in 40 years since the beginning of these congresses to host the 2012-2013 winter convention.

The 2013 Congress will be held at the Alpe d’Huez ski resort.


Past conventions (1969-2005):
1969 Mürren (Switzerland)
1973 Chamonix (France)
1977 Altaussee (Austria)
1981 Oberstdorf (Germany)
1985 Vuokatti (Finland)
1989 Shiga Kogen (Japan)
1993 Beitostoelen (Norway)
1997 La Tanja (France)
2001 Zakopane (Poland)
2005 Lech/Arlberg (Austria)
2009 Matraszentistvan (Hungary)


A motivated organising committee

Composé d’élus et de cadres bénévoles de la Fédération Française de Ski mandaté par le Président Michel Vion.

Common goals:

  • Host 250 to 300 delegates from the whole world, in the best possible conditions, in an important French ski resort for a week.
  • Mobilize the delegates around a common theme: “Instructors: yesterday, today and tomorrow”
  • Promote the partners, the region, the host ski resort

Adequate means and timeframe:

  • Identification of a model budget
  • Model programme of the week

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